Community Supervision and Corrections Department (CSCD)


Mission Statement


About Community Supervision and Corrections Department

Denton County Community Services and Corrections Department (CSCD) supervises adults who have been placed on community supervision (probation) for committing misdemeanor and felony offenses.  As of May 31, 1998, this department supervised over 4,000 adults in Denton County, and over 4,000 adults who were placed on community supervision by Denton Courts, but reside outside Denton County.

Mission Statement

The mission of Denton County CSCD is to enhance protection of the community through the use of risk control management.  Assessment of the offender will determine the use of appropriate sanctions aimed at rehabilitation of the offender, as well as suitable punishment to deter crime in the community.

Long Range Goals

  • Increase local involvement and responsibility in developing sentencing programs that proved effective sanctions for felony offenders.
  • Provide increased opportunities for felony and misdemeanor offenders to make restitution to victims of crime through financial reimbursement, as determined during presentence investigations, and through Community Service Restitution.
  • Provide increased use of community penalties designed specifically to meet local needs such as specialized caseloads, electronic monitoring, Super Intensive Supervision, additional fines and short-term incarceration.
  • Promote efficiency and economy in the delivery of community-based correctional programs consistent with the objectives defined by law by avoiding duplication of services and improving communication between agencies.

Open Records Act; Freedom of Information Act

Records of Community Supervision and Corrections departments (probation departments) are considered judicial records, and, as such, do not fall under the records described in the Open Records and Freedom of Information Acts.  (Ref. Attorney General's Open Records decision #236)